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2020 Covid-19 Closure: May Warbler Report

What a difference two months makes…! It has been a great shame to have to close our thriving community hall to comply with the Government lockdown in the face of a viral pandemic. Bookings curtailed in mid March and we officially closed our doors on the 20th March, just before official confirmation from the Government on the 23rd. All user group rents and booking fees have been waived. This is a huge loss to the villages:  22 community groups and lots of social events filled the villages’ calendar. Everyone has had to get used to a new way of life: slower paced and hopefully enjoying the glorious weather with distanced greetings and conversations. We look forward to a time when it will be safe to open again. We will take advice on what activities will be allowed and in what form, and what extra measures we may need to take to ensure the safe use of the premises.

We have also had to close the gates to the newly completed play area, just at the time when the children would most benefit from it. Thanks to everyone who has accepted this restriction, which must be hard to explain to small children. It has been great to see the recreation ground frequently used for family exercise instead.

The Memorial Hall Committee have not met for a couple of months and we have had to postpone our AGM until restrictions are lifted. Until we can have that meeting, I am serving as ‘Acting Chair’ following Ed Brunner’s relocation to Singapore.  We plan to try online zoom meetings soon. It is with sadness that we received the resignation of Richard Wright of the Temple from the Committee in March. Mr Wright became president and attended his first meeting in October 2004. He stood down as president at the 2009 AGM and has been an Honorary Vice President since.  The Committee would like to thank him for his years of dedicated support and interest. His wise words at our meetings will be missed. He was a keen proponent of the New Hall Building and cut the ribbon at our opening ceremony in April 2016. 

Behind the scenes, we are still working on the final stages of the Play Area Project.  The fence grant decision in March was postponed, but we expect to hear by the end of May if this has been successful. We still hope that we can go ahead with this later in the year.  We also have some landscaping work to finish off. If you have more time on your hands than before, and have or can safely operate a small digger, we would be really grateful for some volunteer help.  Please email me on The wildflower project is also ongoing, which Paul Lambton has written about separately.

Future Events – Rosie White has written separately about the re-imagined ‘Doorstep’ Flower & Produce Show on Saturday July 18th. We hope this works – we know lots of people are making and growing like never before, and it would be lovely to share this through the villages! We have a reserved list of stall holders for the Autumn Food & Craft Fair on Sunday 20th September, but are wary that an event that draws crowds is feasible. Maybe we can have a Christmas Fair instead..?

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions or comments regarding the Memorial Hall, please contact me on 881609

Emma Adams  Acting Chair.