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Chairman’s Warbler Report

Memorial Hall Warbler report, Summer 2019

My last report painted a bleak picture for our most pressing project – the play area refurb in Great Wilbraham. Not only were we struggling with fundraising, but we were having to take out some of the aging equipment. Soon after I wrote that report some of the equipment was removed, namely the large tower and the monkey bars.

This time I have more positive news. We managed to secure two significant grants from Wadlow Wind Farm and the National Lottery ‘Awards For All’. In addition, we have received donations from GWPC, the Social Club and LW&SMB PC, plus some individual donations.  These have now taken us to two-thirds of the funds needed for the full project. This is fantastic news! Additionally, we had our planning permission approved so we are in good shape.

Clearly, we have a long way to go still, but we are hopeful on two additional grants. However, this will still not quite meet the full cost of the project and so I again ask you to consider helping us and donating what you can to the project. You’ll find a form delivered with this Warbler, hopefully making it easy to give whatever you can through a variety of means. I hope this gives you some encouragement to donate what you can!

To hopefully encourage you that this project is moving, I am very happy to tell you that as I write this, we have just sent an order to the supplier to start the installation of the first part of the project. With the removal of the old equipment and the summer holidays coming we felt this was the right thing to do, despite the fact that splitting it into two phases will mean the overall cost is slightly higher.

Below you’ll see the plan for the play area and how we are proposing to phase the project.

Whilst the play area is our focus, the Memorial Hall continues to host a wide range of local organisations and events, as you’ll see from the events programme. I’d encourage you to support these as they are a wonderful way to meet other people in our community and many of them also directly support our fundraising for the play area.

The Memorial Hall Committee owns and manages the whole of the Recreation Ground and carpark area for the benefit of local residents and the general public as an open-access space. However, we do need you to inform / ask permission to use it for any specific organised event or fundraising activity, so that your activity and the general public using the area are covered by our insurance. Please inform Shirley Morley our booking secretary on 880723 or email

Thank you all for your continued support.

Edd Brunner, Chair of the Memorial Hall Committee